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3 Responses

  1. Yuval Sade says:

    Very bad host, I have stumbled across problems with them until I was forced to charge my money back. It took them a day to set up my server. Even then I had another day of waiting because my server machine was having issues. After that I was so shocked to realize THEY LIED and they do NOT give full FTP access to their customers. I was shocked to see they actually lie on their front page and they weren’t even shy telling me I won’t get full FTP acces with their support tickets (they also refused to give me my money back).

    Worst choice I’ve ever done with my life.

  2. Ionstorm says:

    @Vuval, I ordered a rust server from then 24 hours ago. They gave me TCAdmin usr!/pas and it didn’t work, tried a PW reset no user with that name/email.

    So I opened a support ticket, an hour later got a reply, fair enough I thought…. 17hours on still no server up even though they were “Looking at it”.

    If there really isn’t full FTP access OR its not setup today I’ll be opening a PayPal dispute.

    I was hoping to find positive reviews because of their price point…hope.. Humanities fool.

    They do look incredibly new to hosting though. I mean usually TCA setup is auto as soon as you’ve paid!


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