Reign of Kings Server Hackers

Reign of kings was a major success on release.  As with all successful games there will be those that want to ruin others gameplay by hacking.  Reign of kings player servers are now starting to get hit by hackers daily.

The hacks that are currently available and easy to find

Godmode – Allows the player to always have a full health bar
Flying – Physics breaking
Teleport – Lets a hacker teleport to anyone
give Item – Make any item in game
Locator – See distance to any player on the ROK server
Stealth – You will be invisible.

Hackers only need to modify the client side and the server side will accept the changes.  This is a major flaw that reign of kings server hosting operators are facing.  So the question comes up of what you can do to get rid of hackers.

1. Password –  Add a password and verify users through a website.  This does take a lot of work and you no longer can easily setup a server and go.  You also need to get a community together.  Leave a commit about your server to help market get new players!

2. Active admins –  Make sure to have active admins that can know how to ban players.  This is a labor intensive job and requires admins to be diligent.  For some it turns what is supposed to be a fun game into a full time job.

3.  Wait –  Really we the devs need to re-code a ton of networking function and client/server interaction in order to counteract this hacking problem.  I would not expect the solution to be released this year but perhaps in 2016.

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment!

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel Gomez says:

    i was reading and investigating and this is a server problem… something like the server will acept any changes made in the client side… if this is the case i think the easy fix would be to implement some kind security clearance? something like the server would check if the player have clearance to run that command?

    i think the fast way to make this is leaving the players to wander around as it is right now… but make the admins to register ….. the admins will have the clearance to run commands and that will have to be cheked by the server if its a registered admin it will run the command of its a non registered player it wont run the command! i think thats the faster way

    i think its a lot easier to make 5(or the ammount that needs to be) admins to register than ask all the players to do it… and since the server MUST check the security level

    or maybe implement a code to check if the client side have any changed script and disconnect it if its modified?

    to this end it might be necesary to add a login screen and make the players to register an account/ character wich
    will have some kind of premission to run commands…. or not….. as you say this is not easy task and should take a while…. but its a game under construction and its AMAZING!!! i totally love it

    you guys need to do something for real…. this is killing a great game and ppl is starting to get pissed off


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