Time to update your Servers- Alpha update 14 is live


Alpha update 14 is now being pushed out since may 28th 2015.  We are still waiting on a way to deal with the hackers so if you where expecting to find a solution that problem check back in a month or so or read our previous article on ROK hackers.  There are a lot of good things that the devs have pushed out with this patch.  There are also some things that I think should have been left in the blender until they were perfected a little bit more.

Cool Features:

Decay system:  Crest now last a MAX of 8 real life earth days.  If players forget to add wood and “refuel” the crest life you will see them decay.

New Weapons!:  We now have the Warhammer, Star Mace, and Throwing Knife.  This come in both the stone and steel versions at the moment.

Traps:  The devs have added a few traps that can be used to damage both other players and NPCs/animals.

They also did some balance changes for several items.  Nothing really stuck out as super important but I recommend that you read the devs post if your interested in the new recipes.


The devs also added motion blur in Alpha update 14.  I found that it my made me a bit sick after awhile and I had to turn it off.  If you experience the same issue please leave a comment!  The good news is that you can easily disable the feature through the settings menu.

Overall it was a very productive patch and it is always good to see the devs still working on Reign of Kings.  With other developers stopping work on projects (HI STOMPING LAND) it is good see some alphas are still growing.



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