Reign of Kings Server Hosting


The hopes of this site is to find the best possible server hosting provider for Reign of Kings.  If you choose one of the listed providers please leave a review under their section for future readers!  If you are currently hosting Reign of Kings with another provider please use the contact form and I will get them added to the list as soon as possible!

Price per SlotCompanyReviewsLocationsURL
$0.99GameServers.com ReviewWorld Visit
$0.99BlueFangSolutions.com Review5 Datacenters Visit
$1.50SteamlineServers.com Review5 Datacenters Visit
$2.00SurvivalServers.com Review5 Datacenters Visit
$0.99pingperfect.com Review10 Datacenters Visit
$1.50Blackboxservers.net Review9 Datacenters Visit
$1.18gamehosting.co ReviewUK Only Visit
$1.11gamingdeluxe.com Review3 Datacenters Visit
$0.99fastpointgaming.com Review3 Datacenters Visit
$1.90killservers.com Review2 Datacenters Visit
$1.15clanhost.com.au ReviewAustralia Visit

Reign of Kings Server Hosting Considerations

You should consider much more than price when you choose a server provider for reign of kings.  Here is a small list to go over before ever making a choice.

1. Price

So I know this is common knowledge but above all price dictates our purchases in a competitive economy.  Reign of kings server hosting is not different and luckly we have tons of business ready to service you.  Check the price (what the home page does for you) as a start to purchasing.

2. Location

Location of your rented ROK server is extremely important.  Try to get a provider with a datacenter closest to your physical location.  If you rent your reign of kings server in a datacenter in Australia while you reside in the United States your gonna have a bad time.

3. Reviews

Read the reviews of ROK hosting providers.  Also after you choose please leave one for future reign of kings server hosting users.  Reviews will let you know if there is tons of downtime with the network, how quick the support is, and even if a GSP is using the hardware they claim to be on their website.  Reviews are the cornerstone to making a good decision.

Last updated: 1-April-2015